Leopold Sportsmans Club is committed to
responsible gambling and has adopted the following
Responsible Gambling Message:
  • Leopold Sportsmans Club sees itself as an integral part of its community.
  • The Management is committed to the well-being of its patrons, employees and the wider community that it serves.
    We strive to deliver all our services in a responsible and sustainable manner.
  • As part of this commitment, we have adopted this
    Responsible Gambling Code of Conduct and will provide the necessary resources(financial and human) to
    support the proper operation of the Code at this Venue
    and to support the Compliance Office.
  • The Code is designed to assist the management and staff
    to provide gambling in a socially rewarding,
    enjoyable and responsible manner.
A Venue RSG Manager has been appointed to
ensure compliance with the Code and the Self Exclusion Program
at this Venue, and a Nominated Person is available at all times
to assist patrons with responsible gambling matters.
Managing Money
For money matters / financial budgets follow links to
Gamblers Support and Self-Exclusion
How Gamblers and their families or friends can
find gambling support services
and self-exclusion programmes and
the State Government's problem gambling support website

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Gambling Codes of Conduct


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